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標題: 已完工水土保持設施檢查之研究
The Inspection of The Completed Soil and Water Conservation Structures
作者: 莊凱翔
Chuang, Kai-Hsiang
關鍵字: 水土保持計畫;Soil and water conservation plan;已完工水土保持設施檢查;follow - up maintenance
出版社: 水土保持學系所
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由於近年來氣候變遷加劇,山坡地開發安全備受重視, 水土保持計畫之施工檢查及完工檢查是為了確保水土保持工程施作能與設計相符而達到減免災害的目的,因任何設施皆有使用壽命,所以設施的後續維護更為重要,對於山坡地水土保持設施也應依水土保持法規定實施水土保持處理與維護。為確保水土保持設施之功能正常,應當需要一套完善的檢查作業。

The safety of slopeland development is being concerned because of the extreme change of weather in recent years. The construction inspection of soil and water conservation plan are used to make sure that the engineering structures are contructed with the original design and that can reduce the natural hazard. In addition the follow-up maintenance of engineering structure is important because of its own service period. According to the of the Soil and Water Conservation Act, it is necessary to practice the soil and water conservation treatment and maintenance for the engineering structures to ensure the structures have no malfunction.So we need a good inspection system.
  In this study, we integrated and analyzed the common problems by the aid of questionnaires and the collection of actual cases. This study classified the inspection projects into three levels to express the seriousness and generalized a completed engineering structures inspection table from the questionnaires. Thus we hope through this process to make the soil and water conservation treatment and maintenance more faultless and also to increase its service period.
  From the questionnaires and actual cases, we found that the issues of follow-up maintenance were most appearing on the detention and deposit pond. The problem of deposition and obstruction are the most important ones. It is necessary to do more supervision and advocacies.
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