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標題: 土壤沖蝕指數之推估及其相關因子之研究
The Estimation of Soil Erodibility Factor and the Study of the Related Factors
作者: 杜怡德
關鍵字: 土壤沖蝕指數;soil erodibility factor;區塊克利金法;地理統計;幾何平均粒徑法;空間變化;block kriging;geostatistics;geometric mean diameter method;spatial variability
出版社: 水土保持學系
195 and 150 soil samples from Tung-shih block and Kou-hsing block were collected respectively. The erodibility factor (K) of these soil samples was calculated by applying geometric mean diameter method. The soil texture, K values and slope of unsampling points were predicated by applying Geostatistics and Block Kriging method. 690 and 668 unsampling point were added to Tung-shih block and Kou-hsing block. The contour and surfer maps of soil texture, K values and slope have been constructed. The estimated K values show greater details in spatial variability than the original K values. The results indicated, the K values have highly correlated with soil texture, especial with the silt fraction. However, there is no significant correlation with slope. The estimated K values were compared with the measured values. The result indicated that, the geometric mean diameter method can estimate K value for the medium texture soil, but will overestimate K value for course and fine texture soil.
Keyword: soil erodibility factor, block kriging, geostatistics , geometric mean diameter method , spatial variability.

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