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標題: 使用吸附性薄膜技術分離黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液之維生素E
作者: 楊大青
關鍵字: adsorptive membrane;吸附性薄膜;soybean oil deodorizer distillate;vitamin E;fatty acid;anion exchange membranes;ultrafiltration membrane;黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液;維生素E;脂肪酸;陰離子交換薄膜;超過濾薄膜
出版社: 化學工程學系
In this study, the adsorptive and ultrafiltration membrane techniques were applied for the concentration and separation of vitamin E from soybean oil deodorizer distillate (SODD). In the batch adsorption experiments of pure standards, it was found that linolenic acid andδ-tocopherol can be adsorbed to DE81 and SB6407 anion exchange membranes and this effect depends on the choice of different solvents. From the adsorption isotherms of SODD, it was further proved that DE81 membranes could adsorb linolenic acid and SB6407 membranes could adsorb δ-tocopherol. Moreover, the use of SB6407, DE81, and MA3475 membranes could all significantly raise the weight percentage of vitamin E when large amount of free fatty acid was removed from SODD in advance. This trend is particularly obvious for the case of SB6407 membranes where the weight percentage is doubled. As to the flow adsorption experiments using a plate-and-frame module with DE81 membranes and using ethanol as the solvent, only the concentrations of free fatty acid were raised from SODD. On the other hand, using a membrane disc module with SB6407 membranes leads to much better performance for vitamin E concentration. Finally, an ultrafiltration process using MWCO 500 membranes was found to effectively separate free fatty acid from SODD.

本研究使用吸附性薄膜與超過濾薄膜進行黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液中維生素E之濃縮分離實驗。在單一標準品之批式吸附部分,DE81與SB6407陰離子交換薄膜對Linolenic acid與δ-Tocopherol具吸附效果,但吸附效果隨溶劑之選擇而有所差異。在黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液之批式吸附部分,由稀釋不同比例之黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液的批式吸附等溫線結果再度証實:DE81薄膜對於游離脂肪酸具吸附效果,而SB6407薄膜對維生素E具吸附效果。另外,將黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液先行去除大量游離脂肪酸之後的批式吸附結果顯示:SB6407、DE81與MA3475三種陰離子交換薄膜均可大幅提升維生素E之重量百分比,尤其以SB6407薄膜所得之維生素E重量百分比提升到兩倍以上。流動吸附部分,使用板框型薄膜分離器與DE81薄膜,並以乙醇為溶劑,只對黃豆油脫臭蒸餾液中的游離脂肪酸具吸附分離效果;但若使用圓片型薄膜分離器 與SB6407薄膜,並以異丙醇為溶劑,以甲醇與醋酸為脫附劑,可得最佳之維生素E吸附濃縮效果。最後,在使用MWCO 500之超過濾薄膜部分,所得濃縮液中之游離脂肪酸大幅減少,濾液方面則是游離脂肪酸大幅增加。
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