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標題: Estimation of Evapotranspiration in Guandaushi Forest Watershed
作者: Huang, Yui-Ching
關鍵字: Evapotranspiration;蒸發散;Water Balance method;Heat method;Aerodynamic method;水平衡法;熱平衡法;空氣動力學法
出版社: 水土保持學系
Evapotranspiration including evaporation of free water surface , soil and transpiration of forest plants , is an important factor to relate with the forest hydrology and climate . Using , it is difficult to measure the evapotranspiration of forest directly . Basing on the conservation and transformation of energy and mass , this study tries to estimate the evapotranspiration of Guandaushi forest watershed with three methods : which are water balance method , heat balance method and aerodynamic method . And the analyzed results are as follows :
1. The average annual evapotranspirations estimated in Guandaushi forest watershed between Jan,1996 and Jun,1999 , are 1,919.0mm by water balance method , 1,127.7mm by heat balance method , and 1,419.5mm by aerodynamic method .
2. The evapotranspiration estimated by heat balance method shows a more reasonable value on monthly distribution , and the average annual evapotranspiration is closed to the value estimated by Guo-wen-sho .
3. According to the long-term weather observation data at Sun-moon Lake , Mt. Ali and this experimental area . The variation tendencies of monthly evapotranspiration at these three object stations are quite similar . It's practicable to apply the tendency of monthly evapotranspiration as reference to measure out the monthly variation of evapotranspiration in the mountain areas of Mid-Taiwan .
4. The under-estimation of evapotranspiration during June to August because of less global radiation induced by raining , can be adjusted by using Thornthwaite method .

一、 本集水區自1996年1月至1999年6月間之平均年蒸發散量以水平衡法估算結果為1,919.0mm,以熱平衡法估算結果為1,127.7mm,以空氣動力學法估算結果為1,419.5mm。
二、 本試區以熱平衡法所推估之蒸發散量在各月的分布上較為合理,且熱平衡法所推估之年蒸發散量亦接近於郭文鑠(1978)所推估之本區蒸發散潛勢。
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