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標題: 解剖教室的轉變與體制化:以十八世紀法國解剖教室為例的探討
Change and Institutionalization of Anatomic Amphitheater: A Study Focused on French Anatomic Amphitheaters in 18th Century
作者: 陳樂元
Chen, Yueh-yuan
關鍵字: Amphitheater of anatomy;解剖教室;Anatomic teaching;Cadaver;Administration;解剖教學;屍體;行政管理
出版社: 思與言雜誌社
Project: 思與言, Volume 48, Issue 3, Page(s) 37-95.
From the renaissance of the anatomy in the end of the Middle Ages to the mid-eighteenth century, there were two types of anatomic amphitheater. One focused on the visual truth and the other focused on the tactile truth. The organization of anatomic teaching would vary substantially across different transmission media (visual/tactile) of anatomic knowledge. In the second half of the eighteenth century, a new type of anatomic amphitheater appeared. Besides integrating the existing visual or tactile types of anatomic amphitheaters, in this new amphitheater more emphasis was placed on the continuity of the anatomic teaching and the adequate supply mechanism of the anatomic raw materials (i.e. the body), which would inevitably lead to a new type of organization of anatomic teaching. Therefore, starting from the study of different types of the anatomic amphitheater, this article proceeds to address the relationship between the anatomic teaching and the administrative power. The types of organization of anatomic teaching should depend on the corresponding structures of anatomic amphitheaters. If the anatomic amphitheater is merely a place as the other ordinary lecturing theaters, the main managerial issue is only on the accommodation of large audience. However, if the anatomic amphitheater is a place in which intensively anatomic practice would be performed, then it also serves as a mechanism that supplies, consumes and preserves a large number of humans bodies. Therefore, the related managerial issues are more than the security problems confronted by the society. These issues involve the broader problem of the state's use of human body resources.

ISSN: 0258-8412
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