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標題: The study on the Notch Discharge of Check Dam
作者: 程向榮
Cheng, Shiang-Rung
關鍵字: Check dam;防砂壩;Weir notch;溢流口
出版社: 水土保持學系
對溪 床坡度、溢流口束縮、溢流口形狀及防砂壩上游淤積等對流量計算
之影響並未 加以考慮。本文之試驗即對溪床坡度因子、溢流束縮因子及
防砂壩上游淤積因 子對防砂壩溢流口流量計算之影響進行研究分析,以
推導出更能符合現場不同 環境之防砂壩流量計算公式。由試驗分析結果
,以上諸因子的確對流量計算產 生影響,並得到一經諸因子修正之流量
計算公式,而修正之流量公式在全寬堰 、渠道水平時能重現水土保持技

In the design of check dam, regular formula of discharge we
usually used is record in the technical specification. The
formula is assumed that the channel is horizontal and full-
width weir. But in the actual situation, the slope and the
width of notch are accustomed not as wegranted. This study is
designed to figure out what impact on the dischrage with slope
of channel and width of notch are being changed. As the result
of the experiment and analysis, the revised formula has been
developed and which can be used in the different slope and
width of notch in both deposition and nondeposition.
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