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標題: Selective Synthesis and Properties of Copolymers Derived from Poly(oxyalkylene)amines Cyanuric Chloride
作者: 簡俊哲
Jan, Jun-Zhe
關鍵字: cyanuric chloride;氯化三聚氰酸;jeffamine;selectivity;nuclephilic substitution;polymeric surfactant;聚醚胺;選擇性;親核取代;高分子界面活性劑
出版社: 化學工程學系
The nuclephilic substitution reaction of poly(oxyalkylene)amine and cyanuric chloride (cc) gives a series of derivatives in a selective manner by controlling the reaction temperature. The structures of these derivatives are constituted of the hydrophobic poly(oxypropylene)-segments and hydrophilic poly(oxyethylene)-segments which could interact with water by hydrogen bonding. As a resalt, the cyanuric chloride derivatives was proved to be a polymeric surfactant.
First, this study was investigated with respect to the selectivity of cyanuric chloride with Jeffamine® M-2070. By varying the molar ratios of M-2070 and temperature, the suitable reaction conditions of the three avtive sites in cyanuric chloride was found (0oC、25oC、130oC). The structures were determined by GPC.
Furthermore, a family of block copolymers with different molecular weights and stuctures were prepared by using the selective reactions of cyanuric chloride and polyetheramines. Their fundamental surfactancy has been discussed. These polymeric surfactants lowered the surface tension of water and interfacial tension of water/toluene (or water/n-hexane) to 29~35 dyne/cm and 2.1 dyne/cm, respectively. Some adducts exhibited cloud points similar to the nonionic surfactants. The higher cloud point temperatures were observed for the higher HLB values.

摘 要
聚醚胺(polyoxyalkyleneamine)和氯化三聚氰酸(cyanuric chloride)進行親核取代反應,利用cyanuric chloride (cc)三取代基之反應選擇特性,以控制溫度方式合成一系列之cc衍生物,並鑑定其結構及分析產物的基本性質。此類型之結構中藉著分子中聚乙醚鏈段(polyoxyethylene segment)與水形成氫鍵及聚丙醚鏈段(polyoxypropylene segment)之親油性質,使其具有界面活性,成為高分子量的界面活性劑。
本論文先以聚醚胺M-2070 (monoamine)及cc進行一連串之反應選擇性探討。藉由不同之M-2070之莫爾數及反應溫度,以GPC觀察生成物之分子量變化,找出cc所具有三個反應位置之適當反應條件。結果分別為0℃、25℃、130℃。
在以此條件為基礎下,分別合成了一系列具有聚醚基(polyoxyalkylene),而不同分子量分佈之高分子。其中包含以cc/D-2000及cc/ED-2001之共聚高分子。此分子中仍留有一級胺官能基可再與cc第三個反應基成為一反應型高分子。除此之外,亦合成一系列具有聚醚鏈段不同結構之高分子,具有明顯之界面性質,表面之性質,最低可將水的表面張力降低至29 dyne/cm;另外,在10ppm濃度下,可導致水與甲苯界面張力最低降至2.1 dyne/cm (其原始界面張力為32 dyne/cm)。而且此型化合物具非離子型界面劑的特點,當親油基與親水基在不同比例時會有不同之濁點溫度(cloud point),其溫度與產物之HLB值有正比之趨勢。
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