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標題: Hot Pressurized Water Extraction of Syringin from Acanthopanax Senticosus and Immune Activation of Rat Blood Macrophages
作者: 林家興
Lin, Chia-Shin
關鍵字: Acanthopanax Senticosus;刺五加;Syringin;Macrophage;紫丁香苷;巨噬細胞
出版社: 化學工程學系
This study individually investigates the influence of Syringin and the hot pressurized water (HPW) extracts of Acanthopanax senticosus (AS) on the immune activation of rat blood macrophages. Soxhlet's experimental data of 6-hour extraction of Taiwan AS wetted 12-hour indicated that Taiwan AS processes more Syringin (1.20 mg/g of solid) than that of China AS. The results of Response Surface Methodology (RSM) tuned by two factors of Temperature and SSR disclosed that temperature (110℃-120℃) is a significant factor on the recovery of Syringin extracted from Taiwan AS with the 96:1 of solvent to solid ratio in a period of 45 minutes. However, when temperature exceeded 140℃, both recovery and purity of Syringin started to decrease. The purified Syringin standard and the HPW extracts optimized by a two-factor and three-level RSM were then applied to rat's immune activation (i.e. Macrophage growth rate, NO-released, and Phagocytosis) of rat blood Macrophages. Our results indicated the growth rate and Phagocytosis of Macrophages presented the maximum peak at the 16 mg/L of Syringin when cells were cultured 24, 48, and 72 hours. In the mean time, the release of NO also reached a stable value. Finally, The dosage of 16 mg/L of the HPW extract on the rat Macrophages for 72 hours exhibits a positive phagocytosis effect that correlated with the content of Syringin in the extract, which designed by the RSM operated at the 96:1 solvent to solid ratio, 50 psig, 120℃, and 45 minutes extraction.

首先探討索氏萃取的時間與溶固比對刺五加水萃物中紫丁香苷含量的影響。實驗數據顯示,台灣刺五加較大陸刺五加含有較多量的紫丁香苷(1.20 mg/g of solid);且由6小時萃取10克經浸泡12 小時的刺五加實驗,可獲得96:1的最適溶固比。由溫度與溶固比為變數的實驗設計法(RSM)獲知,在96:1的溶固比,50 psig,與45分鐘的半連續式熱壓水萃取時,110℃至120℃的溫度對刺五加中紫丁香苷的回收率有關鍵性的影響。但升高溫度至140℃,雖有利總產率,可是紫丁香苷的萃出量和純度均大幅降低。
接著,以玻璃棉過濾純化後的標準品紫丁香苷和經過RSM實驗設計所選出的熱壓水萃液,分別對大鼠血液中的巨噬細胞,進行三種免疫實驗(即巨噬細胞的存活率、一氧化氮(NO)釋放率,與細胞的吞噬能力)。結果顯示,當添加紫丁香苷的活化組在16 mg/L的濃度時,在三天的加藥時間內,對巨噬細胞的存活率與吞噬能力均有一個最高值,且對NO的釋放率表現出一個穩定值;相同濃度的熱壓水萃液,表現出經過72小時給藥的細胞吞噬能力的提升,確實與加藥溶液中紫丁香苷的含量有正相關。
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