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標題: Establishing an Assessment Model for the Resilient Capacity of Slopeland Communities-for Taichung and Nantou Counties
作者: 王俞婷
Wang, Yu-Ting
關鍵字: landslide susceptibility;崩塌潛感度;disaster resistance;logistic regression;耐災程度;Logistic二元迴歸
出版社: 水土保持學系
The purpose of this paper is to establish a method for evaluating the performance of the preparedness of the disaster prevention and environment community.
To do that, a professional questionnaire was used to gain the weight of each evaluating factor. In this paper, the villages in Taichung and Nantou Counties with potential debris flow streams are estimated.Using an assessment table, we evaluating the preparedness of disaster prevention. By GIS technology and logistic regression analysis, the dangerous indices of potential debris flow streams and landslide susceptibility of each village can be found. Such as above, This paper establish a risk assessment model to evaluating the capacity of disaster resistance of slopeland communities.
This study review casualties caused by disaster between HERB Typhoon in 1996 and Mindulle Typhoon in 2004 Besides, the results of assessment through the model are discussed with the aim of trying to be the reference of implementing and raising the disaster prevention effective in the future, to reduce the loss of life and property of residents, and further to achieve the purpose of disaster mitigation.

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