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標題: The Application of Soil Conservation Service Curve Number in Agriculture Non-point Source Pollution Model
關鍵字: Soil Conservation Service Curve Number;逕流曲線值;Agriculture Non-Point Source Pollution Model;Antecedent Precipitation Index;Antecedent;農業非點源污染模式;臨前降雨指數;臨前水分條件;泥砂產量
出版社: 水土保持學系
Soil Conservation Service Curve Number was established by U. S. Soil Conservation Service. The reference table of SCS CN was established according to the soil classification, land utilization and antecedent moisture condition(AMC). It is doubted that while those regions have different hydrologic and geographic conditions, this SCS CN table is whether suitable for other regions or not. Therefore, I tried to use SCS CN method and adopted total precipitation of the day runoff occurring and antecedent five days whose mass precipitation is antecedent precipitation index(API) before runoff occurring, plus actual runoff data to establish suitable CN values as modified CN for Taiwan by calibration and validation in this study. The modified CN and another original CN from SCS CN table were applied in Agriculture Non-Point Source Pollution Model(AGNPS) to calculate soil loss, peak runoff rates, sediment delivery ratio and sediment yield of Sanyi experiment area and then calculated values of sediment yield were compared with the actual sediment yield during development period. Modified CN values of Sanyi experiment area are lower than the original ones, and the calculated sediment yield values with modified CN also lower than the values with original CN, meanwhile the calculated values of sediment yield with modified CN are closer to the actual values during development period. CN is a sensitive factor of calculating sediment yield in AGNPS, so adopting the correct CN is very important for effective estimation.

逕流曲線值CN為美國土壤保持局(U. S. Soil Conservation Service)建立,根據土壤分類、土地利用狀況、臨前水分條件(Antecedent moisture condition, AMC)等,訂定出CN值之參考表。隨著不同地區,有不同的水文與地文條件,使得美國所建立之CN參考表是否適用於其他地區有所疑慮。有鑑於此,本研究參考美國建立CN的方式,採用發生逕流當天與臨前五日以內總降雨量為臨前降雨指數(Antecedent Precipitation Index, API),加上實測逕流量資料,經由率定和驗證來建立比較適合台灣地區使用的CN參考表。分別由此CN參考表、SCS CN表選出三義試區之修正CN與原始CN值應用於農業非點源污染模式(AGNPS),模擬推估土壤流失量、泥砂產量、泥砂遞移率和洪峰逕流率,再以此地開發中實測之泥砂產量和推估值比較。三義試區修正後之CN比原始值小,用於AGNPS模擬之推估值也降低,以此修正CN推估開發中之泥砂產量更接近於實測值。在AGNPS推估泥砂產量時,CN為敏感因子,因此選取正確CN值對於推估的準確性是很重要的。
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