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標題: Landuse suitability of environmental sensitive areas in Huashan rural community of Yunlin County
坡地農村環境敏感區位分析-以華山地區為例 坡地農村環境敏感區位分析 -以華山地區為例
作者: 黃振原
關鍵字: Geographical information system;地理資訊系統;slopeland calamity;slopeland development;environmental sensitive area;山坡地災害;山坡地開發;環境敏感地
出版社: 水土保持學系

Huashan located at the Gukeng Township of Yunlin County is famous for its beautiful slopeland farming village. The rural comprehensive development plan was carried out at the area in 1988.With the recreation-oriented planning, a series of rural public constructions were invested since 1990. However; large scale landslides and debris flow occurred at the Huashan watershed due to the attacks of 921 earthquack and typhoon torrential rain. The concepts of restrain development zone, ecological resources, calamity viewpoint and develop risk were considered to extract the spatial distribution of the sensitive area at the watershed by using the technology of geographic information systems. Analysis of landues change for the years of 1997 and 2003 shows how the process of recreation development affects the landuse change in the watershed.
In this study, the environmental sensitive area about 996.2ha accounts for 51.3% of the study area. Among them, the steep area is 563.4ha(29%), the geological fault sensitive area is 56.3ha (2.9%), and the riparian sensitive area is 365.8ha (18.8%). The landslide area obviously increases from 8.0ha of 1997 to 28.1ha of 2003. In addition, about 10.7ha debris flow impact area was delineated in 2003.There is a situation reduced with the area where agriculture use in betel nut trees, tea plantations, and orchard etc.These is a relatively high ratio of landuse with agriculture and building at the riparian area, and obviously increasing of broad-leaf and bush plantation at the geological sensitive area. The building site about 0.5ha located at the sensitive area of debris flow is comparatively centralized to the upstream of bridge Chung-hua-san, and has already formed a small village needed special protection.
There exist various kinds of uncertain risks on the slopeland utilization. It is very important to inspect the status of landuse if accordance with the aims of suitability by means of environmental sensitive area delineating and/or landuse change analysis. Only with the concept of zoning the environmental sensitive area to plan the reasonable utilization can avoid or lighten the impact of the calamity, and reach the goal of slopeland conservation.
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