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標題: Study on the Vegetation Analysis and Flow Resistance of Riparian Zone
作者: Wang, Kei-Li
關鍵字: flow resistance;河川區域;vegetation association;riparian;水流阻力;植生群落;濱水帶
出版社: 水土保持學系

vegetation survey was made on the riparian zone of the low altitude rivers in central Taiwan, and their vegetation structure which including vertical and horizontal structure was also analyzed. In the meanwhile, this paper reviewed previous studies on the hydraulic behavior of vegetation in flow and the empirical models and parameters that governing the flow resistance of vegetation. Furthermore, 15 grasses those were grown in pure vegetation stand and in different stem length were chosen to estimate and compare their flow resistance coefficient-MEI(flexural rigidity per square meter) by board drop test and stem height method.
The results show that there were always large discrepancies between the data of board drop test and stem height method. It is for the reason that average length of stems cannot represent essentially the stem density and flexural rigidity. Furthermore, in the assumption that each grass on riparian zone has the particular density, the calibrated models of four species grasses: Panicum maximum, Cynodon dactylon, Saccharum spontaneum, and Panicum repens were presented for evaluating the vegetation stiffness by average length of stems. That provides the guidance in channel design and river management.
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