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標題: Numerical Simulation of Interaction Behavior of Soil~Root System
作者: Huang, Bor-shung
關鍵字: root mechanics;根系力學;numerical simulation;stability analysis of vegetated slope;數值模擬;植生邊坡穩定分析
出版社: 水土保持學系
In order to capture the realistic effects of physical characteristics and mechanical properties on the interaction behavior of soil~root system and provides the required material parameters of root system for numerical analyses of root reinforced slope, this paper integrates extensively various methods of site investigation, type classification and mechanical experiment of root system through well-organized tabulation and discussion.
Firstly, this study systematically surveys the representative mechanical models and relevant mechanical experiments of root system from previous researches. Based on the aforementioned database, a series of two dimensional finite difference analyses were performed to simulate the interaction behaviors of soil~root sample from various types of mechanical experiments. It can be observed that the numerical predictions are reasonably coincident with those from the actual measurements from the standpoint of practice. Accordingly, for numerical simulations of mechanical experiment of soil~root samples, the validities of the proposed simulation procedure and conversion techniques of root system can be verified. In addition, it is expected that the various computation schemes proposed by this paper can be employed to reflect the realistic responses of reinforcement of root system in full-scale stability analyses of vegetated slope.
Incorporation the proposed “equivalent single root transfer method” and the regression formula of equivalent single root system of thorny bamboo with the aforementioned computation schemes, it is feasible to carry out a quantitative evaluation of the stability of thorny bamboo vegetated slope and eventually to establish a rational numerical model.

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