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標題: The Facilities for Solid Waste Landfill Field on The Slopeland
作者: Li, Ting-Zhu
關鍵字: 廢棄物;solid waste;衛生掩埋;分區掩埋;最終處置;滲出水返送;sanitary burying;divided burying fields;final processing;return of sewage
出版社: 水土保持學系

The land resource in Taiwan is limited; the plain area is either densely populated or is already being used by industry and agriculture. With the rising of protesting against neighborhood landfills; a proper landfill field is very difficult to find and obtain. In fact, most of the recently selected landfill fields are located at hillsides; their common characteristics are remote area with poor soil, frequent flooding and of little or no value for developing. However, because of the topology of the hillside, these selected places can be easily transferred into large landfills that can reach the annual goal of waste treatment with little construction for the storage besides the necessary operational equipment.
In the planning of a landfill project, a good strategy would be a complete design with multiple stage developments and operation upon completion of each development. Excluding the environmental buffering field and management area, the landfill can be divided into buried, unused and covered fields. When the rain falls, the runoff water from unused and covered fields can be treated as unpolluted water. Combined with the underground water, it can be drained through a temporary draining trench or pumped out of the landfill into the runoff water draining system around it, thus reducing the water flow into the sewage treatment system. In conclusion, the divided burying fields can drain out most of the unpolluted runoff and underground water, preventing the overload of sewage treatment system in the hillside landfill.
It is by the north been in this text, in, in there aren't hillside after the south all, the planning and design of flowing to the earth's surface Jing , domatic and underground pumping equipment is studied in conformity with the precautions, in order to application for relevant staff members' reference.
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