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標題: 台灣集水區土壤沖蝕推估指標模式之建立
Development of Soil Erosion Index Method in Taiwan Watershed
作者: 簡如宏
Chien, Seasir , Ju-hong
關鍵字: erosion;沖蝕;index method;index factor;指標模式;指標因子
出版社: 水土保持學類
用(UI)等六個指標因子,所建立之集水區泥砂沖蝕推估模式如下。YI =
SI + WI + RI + TI + CI + UI SY = 0.004*YI^2.7669其中YI = 總合指
標值SY = 為土壤沖蝕量(ton/ha)本指標法,為針對集水區土壤沖蝕推估

ABSTRACTThe influence factors of soil erosion are complex and
difficult to understand.Numerous engineers and scientists have
paid attention to estimate the soil erosion and hope to yield a
convenient and comprehensive method.The goal of this research ,
therefore , provides the simplest model of watershed''s erosion
to evaluate the soil erosion which is developing in watershed or
hillslope.This includes six index factors , that are soil index
(SI) , weather index (WI) , runoff index (RI) , topography index
(TI) , cover index (CI) and land use index (UI). The erosion
index model is calculated as:YI = SI + WI + RI + TI + CI + UISY
= 0.004*YI^2.7669where YI is the amount of indices , and SY is
total soil erosion (ton/ha).This new index model focus as on the
evaluation of soil erosion in watershed.Initially , the model
was built by the data of experimental plot and then identified
by the field data of reservoir watersheds. As the result , the
index model is adequate tool for soil erosion estimate in
Taiwan.For the simplify evaluation index model , all the index
factors can be directly obtained by hydrological data ,
topographical data and land useinvestigation without using the
complex system.
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