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標題: 營運中的高爾夫球場對水土環境影響之研究
Study On Influence Of Soil and Water Environment at the Golf Courses in Operation
作者: 黃素珍
Hwang, Suh-Chen
關鍵字: Golf Courses;高爾夫球場
出版社: 水土保持學類
中 文 摘 要 本論文係在探討營運中之高
現象。另對球場實施土壤滲透試驗,以討論其對逕流量之影響。 茲將
,經粒徑分析,球場內以砂質 土壤為主。2.球場各站之懸浮固體量除污
水處理放流池及石頭坑溪上游高於環保署放 流標準外,其餘均在標準值
景觀池及污水處理放流池超 過環保署放流標準,餘各站均在標準值內

Abstract The purpose of this
study is to investigate the residue of insecticide andfertilizer
in the soil of golf course. Water pollution and eutrophication
ofgolf course and the percolation of the soil were also
examined. Consequently,the influence of runoff due to the
change of runoff coefficient were concluded. From the results
presented, the following conclusions can be drawn:1.The
differences of porosity between the golf course and the wood
were insignificant. Via sieve analyses, it is found that sand
were the majority part of the soil.2.The suspended solids of
effluent of sewage treatment plant and upstream of stone
stream are higher than effluent standard.3.The pH is between 6
and 9.4.The coliform and phosphate of effluent of sewage
treatment plant and pond of 5th fairway are higher than
effluent standard.5.Ammonium nitrogen, grease and biochemical
oxygen demand (BOD) are in the standard.6.The concentrations
of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in fairways are higher
than the wood outside of the golf course.7.The infiltration rate
of the wood is higher than those of each holes of golf
course.8.The amount of runoff of the golf course was greater
than that of the wood.
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