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標題: 建立山坡地土地利用變遷監測系統之研究
The Construstion of Hillslope Land Use Change Detection System
作者: 戴梓卿
dai, ge-chin
關鍵字: land use;土地利用;change detected;變遷監測
出版社: 水土保持學類
藉由迴歸之原理, 以新建立之迴歸分析法分別由三個小試區之兩不同
時期第二波段之影像, 經判釋後將小試區內未發生變遷之像元灰度值取出
以進行迴歸, 由給定99%及95%之兩不同信賴區間之條件下, 藉此迴歸式來
推估全區影像之變遷範圍. 並與非監式分類後比較法及影像相減法之經驗

The purpose of this study was to analyze two different
periods image of second band wave on the three experimental
sites with using regression method. Through recognition, each
gray value of no change pixel onthe experimental site was
selected and analyzed to estimate the scope of land use changes
with the confidence interval of 99% and 95%. We compared the
result with the two classical methods of unsupervised
classification comparison method and the experimental method of
image difference.
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