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標題: 滯洪壩下游逆坡元鼎塊消能之試驗研究
A Study on the Energy Dissipation of Adverse Slope Hexa-Hollow Tri-Leg Structure of Flood Detention Dam
作者: 高玉玲
Kuo, Yu-Ling
關鍵字: 逆坡;Adverse;元鼎塊;滯洪壩;Hexa-Hollow Tri-Leg Structure;Flood-Detention Dam
出版社: 水土保持學類
、水平及三種逆坡角度(-3.49%、-6.99%、-10.51% )之元鼎塊護坦,在
試驗,探討護坦下游之沖刷及消能之情形。 經由試驗結果得知,護坦
減少。而在開口寬度4.0cm 時,以元鼎塊逆坡 10.51% 消能效率最佳;開
口寬度4.5cm及5.0cm 時,渠坡4.5% 及 5.56% 之最佳逆坡角為 -6.99%
,渠坡6.56% 及7.56% 時,仍以逆坡 10.51% 最佳。 根據此試驗結果

This study accords with the natural scouring hole of
detention damand uses the hexa-hollow tri-leg structure to form
adverse-slope apron.With declining, horizontal and different
adverse slopes, the energydissipation and scouring
phenomenon are discussed under thenonsediment flow with
defferent combination bed slopes, discharges,and widths of
rectangular opening. According to the result of the
experiment, the energy dissipationeffectiveness will increase
with increasing bed slope, discharge and the angle of adverse
slope, but decrease with decreasing width of therectangular
opening. Under these experimental conditions, the
mosteffective adverse-slope angle is 10.51% when the opening
width is 4.0cm.When the opening width is 4.5cm or 5.0cm, the
most effective adverse- slope angle is 6.99% for bed slopes of
4.5% and 5.56% and 10.51% for bed slopes of 6.56% and 7.56%.
Comparing the result of this experiment with that of adverse
slopehexa-hollow tri-leg structure of check dam, we can find
that, with thesame bed slope and discharge, the most effective
adverse-slope angle ofthe adverse-slope apron with detention dam
is larger than that for checkdam. Therefore, it is necessary to
consider the effects of rectangularopening and semi-cone-like
flow of a detention dam when placing thecheck dam apron for
detention dam.
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