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標題: 農業小集水區開發治理後土壤流失量與逕流量推估之探討
A Study on Estimating Soil Loss and Runoff in a Small Agricultural Watershed after Developing and managing
作者: 陳勝全
Chen, Sheng-Chyuan
關鍵字: Agricultural Watershed;農業集水區;Soil Loss;Runoff;Agricultural Non-Point-Source Pollution Model;Sediment Delivery Ratio;土壤流失量;逕流量;農業非點源污染模式;泥砂遞移率
出版社: 水土保持學類
The main purpose of slopeland development has changed from
simple production to multiple conserving utilization in order to
develop a sustainable-slopeland agriculture. The objective of
this study is to monitor the soil erosion, runoff and sediment
yield after the development of an agricultural watershed in
Tainan county. The measured soil erosion, runoff and sediment
yield were also compared with output from the AGNPS model. The
results are summarized as follows : 1.The measured soil
erodibility factor (K) in the experimental area is 0.09. 2.From
April, 1995 to March, 1996, the soil erosion and sediment yield
measured at the experimental site are 544.5 t/ha and 188.8 t/ha,
respectively. 3.The cover and management factor (C) is dynamic
and time dependent. The function of C factor is :Y=0.9685*
EXP(-0.009152*X) where Y : C factor X : time(day) 4.The measured
runoff coefficients (Cr) are between 0.40 and 0.45. The sediment
delivery ratio is about 34.7%. 5.The values of soil erosion,
sediment yield, sediment delivery ratio and runoff coefficient
simulated by AGNPS are 449.7 t/ha, 155.7 t/ha, 34% and 0.28,
respectively. Comparison of measured and simulated results
indicated that AGNPS is suitable for estimating soil erosion and
sediment yield in agricultural watershed and also as a tool for
making the necessary management decisions.

輔以AGNPS 模式,配合當地地文條件,予以適當選用模式參數,進而和現
之參考,其結果如下:1.試區土壤可蝕性因子(K) 經由實測結果為0.09
。 2.試區自1995年 4月至1996年 3月之實測土壤沖蝕量為544.5公噸/公
頃,農塘泥砂淤積量為188.8 公噸/公頃,屬於高土壤沖蝕區。 3.試區
植生覆蓋與管理因子(C) 採動態因子,經推求係為一指數遞減的連續函
數,關係式為Y=0.9685*EXP(-0.009152*X) 式中 Y:C 因子 X:時間(
天),由1995年 4月 1日起 C為 1.0,一年後降至0.04。 4.一次暴雨總
逕流係數Cr值為0.40∼0.45、泥砂遞移率(sediment delivery ratio )
5. AGNPS模式模擬結果,土壤沖蝕量為 449.7公噸/公頃、泥砂生產量為
155.7公噸/公頃、泥砂遞移率(sediment delivery ratio)為34%、逕
,兩者估計值相當符合,呈高度相關性,可知 AGNPS模式確有其適用性。
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