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標題: 滯洪壩消能元鼎塊之試驗研究
A Study on the Energy Dissipation of Hexa-Hollow Tri-Leg Structure of Flood Detention Dam
作者: Her, Yi-Jong
關鍵字: 滯洪壩;Flood Detention Flood;元鼎塊;護坦;消能;魚道;Hexa-Hollow Tri-Leg Structure;Apron;Energy Dissipation;Fish Migration
出版社: 水土保持學類
According to the flow condition and the local scouring
characteristics near the opening of the flood detention dam,
the trapezoidal with cross-section apron with cross-section
Hexa-Hollow Tri-Leg Structure are placed at downstream of the
dam to guide the flow ,so that the scouring of riverbank and
riverbed decreases and the dam safety.
This research discusses the scouring and effectiveness
of energy dissipation of three different widths of the cross
section and three different longitudinal profile of the apron
under different slopes and discharges in the case of having
not deposited yet on the upstream of the dam by indoor flume
From the result of the experiments,the energy dissipation
of the apron will increase with the increasing of the bed slope
and discharge. The better energy dissipation appears when the
bottom width of the apron cross section is 4.8 cm. The maximum
scouring depth will increase with the increaseing of the bed
slope and discharge. It has a smaller value almong the maximum
scouring depths ,when the bottom width of the apron cross
section is 14.4 cm and the value of longitudinal profile
factor is between 5.1 and 5.6.
It's better for fish migration,when the apron is placed
along the bed slope with narrow bottom width of the cross
section. But it is more danger to against the flood .For
ecological consideration, we must strengthen the
apron ,to ensure both the protection of aquatic animals and
dam safety .

刷,並確保壩之安全。 本研究採
前之清水流下,探討護坦沖刷及消能之情形。 經試驗結果得知,
護坦之能量消減隨著流量及渠床坡度增加而增加,而護坦底寬於 4.8cm時
底寬於14.4cm,縱斷面因子於 5.1∼5.6時,有較小之最大沖刷深度
。 本試驗之護坦排列,在順坡及較窄底
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