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標題: 防風構造物防鹽功效之風洞試驗
A Study on the Effect of Salt Spray Control of Windbreak Structures with the Wind Tunnel
作者: 王浩中
Wang, Haw-Chung
關鍵字: Salt Spray Control;防鹽;Wind Tunnel Experiment;風洞試驗
出版社: 水土保持學類
This reserch was to investigate the effects on salt spray
control and wind protection for different structures,
including net, wall and Venetian-blinds. Simulating the wind
field of boundry layer and salt spray distribution with the
wind tunnel, we analyzed the relationships between various
windbreaks and control effects. The effects are estimated
from PIS(50%) for salinity and PI(50%) for velocity. The results
were concluded as follows: 1.The boundry layer
of earth surface was simulated by the conditions of 8.1m/s wind
velocity and the injecting sea water rate of 1 cm^3/sec in wind
tunnel.2.It exists a quadratic relationship between the effect
of the salt spray control and the density of windbreak
net. 3.The logarithm of effect
on windbreak is direct proportion to the effect of salt spray
4.In Venetian-blinds windbreak,the effect of salt spray control
decreased with the increase of blade angle in the constant
partition between two blades. 5.In general, the best wind
protect is the net at the 70% density and the salt effect
is the Venetian-blinds at the angle 45,partition 1 cm.

分分佈,其結果 最為接近。
。 五、防風效果以密度70%防風網最佳;防鹽效果以葉片間
距1.0cm、葉片角度45 °之百葉 防風柵最佳。
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