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標題: 林地超限利用對坡地滲透影響之研究
Study on the Infiltrating Effects of over-utilization in Forest Lands
作者: 林炤光
Lin, C.K.
關鍵字: infiltration;滲透;over-utilization;超限利用
出版社: 水土保持學類
The objective of this research was to examine the effects of
different landuses within the A-Li San forest land, Taiwan. The
experiments were carried outby both bench and field soil
tests to investigate the water conservationcapacity in the
test sites.
1.The final infiltration rates for the different areasare
compared as flow: (a)Forest District #7: forest > marstard
garden (b)Forest District #146:
bamboo > tea > alameda (c)Forest
District #151: forest > bamboo > betel nut > tea
The results also demonstrated that the rate of the upper-
layer-soil at District #146 was higher than the lower-layer-
soil''s. 2.The regression equations for
estimating final infiltration rates with influencing
factors are listed below:
forest : Ft= -27.5555 + 1.3446Pc
bamboo : Ft= -60.4407 + 2.3522Pc + 0.6494O.M
marstard : Ft= 11.6564 + 0.0430Pc - 0.3785Clay
betel nut : Ft= -26.1088 + 1.2463Pc
tea : Ft= -27.6102 + 1.2931Pc
In these equations, Ft is the final infiltration rate of soil(
mm/min), Pc isthe macroporse content(%), O.M is the organic
matter content(%),and Clayis the clay content of soil
texture(% ).

如下: 一、各試
地,茶園上層土壤>茶園下層土壤, (3)大埔事業區第151林班:林
地>竹林>檳榔園>茶園, 二、不同林相土壤
林 地:Ft=- 27.5555 + 1.3446Pc
竹 林:Ft=- 60.4407 + 2.3522Pc + 0.6494O.M
山葵園:Ft= 11.6564 + 0.0430Pc -
0.3785Clay 茶 園:Ft=- 26.1088
+ 1.2463Pc 檳榔園:F
t=- 27.6102 + 1.2931Pc
註:Ft:土壤最終滲透率( mm/min ) Pc: 粗孔隙率( % )
O.M:有機質含量( % ) Clay:粘粒量( % )
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