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標題: 坡地填方材料夯實特性對邊坡穩定之探討
A Study of Landslide Stability via Investigating the Properties on the Compacted Slope Filled Materials
作者: 李世瑜
Lee, Shyh Yu
關鍵字: Landslide;地滑;Compacted;夯實
出版社: 水土保持學類
敘述如下: (1)
最大粒徑固定在#10 號篩,夯實能量在237.08(KJ/M^3)以下時,細顆粒含
量較少 者,其最大乾密度較大;夯實能量在474.16(KJ/M^3)以上
時,其最大乾密度係依 級配、塑性指數之大小而決定。
(2) 在相同含水量與相同夯實能量下,凝聚力隨著細顆粒含量及夯實能量
之增加而增 加;而摩擦角則隨著夯實能量增加而增加,細顆粒含
量之增加而減少。 (3) 土壤夯實初期之預估乾密度、凝聚力
與摩擦角值,可由已知含水量、夯實能量、 及細粗顆粒含量比獲
得。 (4) 夯實
適 當的排水設施予以排除地表水與降低地下水位,在地滑之防治
工程上是有其必要 性。

This research includes the investigation of the engineering
properties on the compacted slope filled materials and
landsliding monitoring work at HOMSI golf field, Taiping,
Taichung county, Taiwan.
Emphases are placed on : (1) the experimental study of soil
properties under different grain size distribution and
compact effort. (2) land sliding stability was analysed based
on the monitored data of sliding surface. The
research results are summarized as follows:
(1) With the maximum grain size fixed at No.#10 mesh and compact
effort below 237.08 KJ/M^3,the less the small grain size
distribution of the test object is, the larger its
maximum dry density is. When compact effort is above 474.16
KJ/M^3,its maximum dry density is determined by the grain
size distribution and plasticity index.
(2) Under the condition of the same water content and compact
effort, the cohesion force increases as small size
distribution and compact effort increases. While the
friction angle increases as compact effort increases, and
decreases as small grain size distribution decreases.
(3) The preliminary dry density ,cohesion force ,and friction
angle of the compact soil were estimated by water
content, compact effort, and grain size distribution.
(4) The strength of the compact soil is definitely weakened when
the soil column was soaked. The water content affect the
slope stablity greatly.
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