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標題: 大型坡地開發監測之研究
Study of Monitoring on Giant Hillslope Land Development
作者: 鄭新興
Cheng, Hsin-hsing
關鍵字: Geography Information System;地理資理系統;Imagine Processing;Hillslope Development;Golf course construction;Digital terrain model;影像處理;坡地開發;高爾夫球場開發;數值地形模型
出版社: 水土保持學類
SPOT衛星影像,數值地形模型 DTM,地理資訊系統 GIS電子圖檔,像片基
地形模式 DTM配合歷年及開發期間之水文資料,建立集水區以平面監測,

The main objective of this study is to investigate the most
violently developedFunSan Chi watershed and build up the giant
hillsiope land change detection models,In this study, we used
the SPOT images of 1988 1992 1994, digital terrain model,
geographic information system coverages, photomaps, airphotos,
rainfall, runoffand sedimentation data. Through the technique of
image processing software IMAGINEand GIS software ARC/INFO to
manage, analize, demonstrate and establish the GISdata base. We
used the different thematical layers in the GIS data base of the
water-shed development. Further more ,We used the Remote sensed
data and DTM to comine allthe all the developing hydraulic data
to establishthe two dimensional detection,the three dimensional
detection, and the hydraulic detecdion, the three
dimensionaldetectional detection, and the hydraulic detection
system models.
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