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標題: Synthesis and characterization of novel trifunctional cyanate ester and epoxy
作者: 楊凱智
Yang, Kai-Zhi
關鍵字: cyanate ester;氰酸酯;tri-functional;lower dielectric properties;三官能;低介電
出版社: 化學工程學系
A novel tri-functional cyanate ester (dopotcy) and a novel novel tri-functional epoxy (dopotep) were synthesized from a tri-functional novolac (dopotriol) with cyanogens bromide and epichlorohydrin, respectively. Their structures were successfully confirmed by FTIR, NMR spectra, mass spectra and elemental analysis.
In the first part, dopotcy was copolymerized with a commercial cyanate ester (badcy) or with a commercial epoxy resin (dgeba). Properties of cured cyanate ester copolymers were evaluated by differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) and dielectric analyzer (DEA). The glass-transition temperatures of cured dopotcy-badcy and dopotcy-dgeba copolymers are in the range of 245-275oC and 206-262oC, respectively, both increasing with the content of dopotcy. Dielectric analyses indicate that introducing dopotcy into badcy will not sacrifice the low-dielectric characteristic of badcy.
In the second part, dopotep was cured with dgeba and ddm. The glass-transition temperatures of dopotep/dgeba/ddm system are in the range of 159-223oC, increasing with dopotep. Experimental results indicate that introducing dopotep lower the dielectric properties.

利用dopotriol分別與cyanogens bromide(BrCN)及epichlorohydrin合成新穎三官能氰酸酯(dopotcy)及新穎三官能環氧樹脂(dopotep),並利用NMR、IR、EA及MS來鑑定其結構。
第一部份是將dopotcy與商業用氰酸酯(badcy)或商業用epoxy(dgeba)進行共聚合。硬化後的氰酸酯分別利用微差掃描熱分析(DSC) 、熱重分析儀(TGA)量測其裂解溫度(Td)、介電分析(DEA)及吸水性等測量。在dopotcy-badcy和dopotcy-dgeba共聚物,硬化後玻璃轉移溫度範圍分別為245~275oC和206~262oC會隨三官能氰酸酯(dopotcy)含量增加而上升。而導入三官能氰酸酯對介電性質影響不大。
第二部份, dopotep與dgeba及硬化劑(ddm)進行硬化反應。dopotep / dgeba / ddm systems的玻璃轉移溫度也會隨三官能epoxy(dopotep)含量增加而上升,其範圍為159~223oC。在導入三官能epoxy(dopotep)對介電常數有稍微下降。
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