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標題: Evaluation and Validation of Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation on hillslope tea plantation
修正版通用土壤流失公式應用於中海拔地區茶園不同處理之土壤流失量評 估與驗證
作者: Hu, Tze-Chien
關鍵字: RUSLE;修正版通用土壤流失公式;Middle elevation area;Different conservation measures;Database;R-factor;C-factor;中海拔地區茶園;不同處理;資料庫;降雨沖蝕指數;覆蓋管理因子
出版社: 水土保持學類
In recent years,intense development on steep slopes has resulted
inrapid erosion and induced environment deterioration. Thorough
assessmentof soil erosion problem is, therefore, necessary to
ensure proper slopelanddevelopment and appropriate soil and
water conservation practices.Some soil erosion predition models,
such as USLE and AGNPS have been appliedto evaluate the soil
erosion on slopeland. However, these models raise theequation of
what must be done to adapt them to Taiwan.The Revised Universal
Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) is a new soil erosion
preditiontechnology and is developed to extend the applicability
of USLE. RUSLE is a computersoftware and every factor of RUSLE
incorporates new data, new parameters that havebeen found to
have an impact on erosion, and new empirical relationships to
reflectthose impacts.The suitability of applying RUSLE model in
Taiwan also need to be validated.The objective of this study is
to evaluate the capability of RUSLE in predicting soilerosion on
hillslope. The soil loss predicted by the RUSLE was validated
with datacollected from field experiments conducted at Yuchih
Tea experiment station.The results indicated that RUSLE was able
to adequately predict soil loss on hillslope.In the initial
factors, for example C factor and P factor, a large database and
inputof a new field practice must be constructed. These can be
used for hillside and benchterrace on Taiwan's conservation
practices. The more exact the input data, the moreaccurate is
the result.The city, crop, and management database at Yuchih Tea
experiment station have beenconstructed. The preliminary
research results are:the R index is 756 and is
approximatelyequal to 0.85 times to USLE's R index. The C values
range from 0.14 to 0.04 for the 1-yearto 10-years' old Assam tea

近幾年來, 台灣地區山坡地開發, 已使得土壤沖蝕現象更加的惡化。為了
有效的規範山坡地的開發, 確實做好水土保持, 有效的評估土壤沖蝕是刻
不容緩的工作。雖然USLE、AGNPS 等模式已被多方面研究, 可明顯的提供
土壤沖蝕之推估, 但仍須經過適當的修正方能準確的應用。而修正版通用
術, 並且也是結合許多經驗公式的一套電腦程式; 若將RUSLE 模式引用在
台灣各地區, 也必須接受評估驗證的考驗。本研究的目的即是藉RUSLE 模
式應用中海拔地區茶園不同處理的土壤沖蝕量推估, 希望由此推估模式的
應用, 能有效而且正確的評估土壤沖蝕量。RUSLE 模式經過驗證後, 初步
證明可應用於坡地土壤沖蝕量之推估, 但在其中的因子, 如覆蓋管理因子
C 值及水土保持措施因子P 值則必須建立龐大的資料庫且必須輸入新的田
間操作方式, 以迎合目前台灣坡地農業廣泛應用的平台階段及山邊溝處理
方式。因此, 若能再多方面驗證, 定能使RUSLE 模式有更高的適用性。此
外, 本研究亦建立日月潭魚池試區的各種資料庫, 其中降雨沖蝕指數R 值
計算為756(英制),為USLE模式R 值887(英制)之0.85倍左右, 並且初步訂
定出阿薩姆紅茶(Assam tea)一年生至十年生的覆蓋管理因子C 值為0.14
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