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標題: 煤礦捨石場應用植生方法之調查研究--以苗栗添益礦場為例
Surveying Study of Applying Revegetation Methods to Recover in Wasted Coal Maine Field-- Tian-Yi Coal Mine Field in Miaoli as an Example
作者: 黃松光
Wong, Hugh
關鍵字: Abandoned coal refuse bank;煤礦捨石場;Acidic coal soils;Revegetation Methods;酸性煤渣;植生工法
出版社: 水土保持學系
In the initial period of Taiwan's restoration, the coal was an important energy resource in Taiwan. There were many abandoned collieries in all parts of Taiwan. Majority of abandoned coal refuse banks had not been restored with proper treatment exploitation.
The mining sites belong to acid sulfate soils zone. It is difficult to carry out revegetation. Only M.floridulus could be invade and grow at these sites. The erosion of the bared grounds was sources of all sorts of problems for landscape, environmental, ecological, soil and water conservation.
This paper is to investigate the problems of soil and water conservation for the abandoned coal refuses bank at coal mine in Miaoli County. We have studied on the application of the revegetation methods to restoration in acidic coal soils.

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