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標題: 台灣河川溪流上游中小型集水區年基流量之研究
A Study on Annual Baseflow Amounts from Small to Medium Sized Headwaters Watersheds in Taiwan
作者: 葉耀駿
Yeh, Yaochun
關鍵字: baseflow;基流量;streamflow;baseflow index;multiple regression model;topographic factors;溪流量;基流指數;複迴歸分析;地文因子
出版社: 水土保持學系
Groundwater accounts for an important portion of usable water resources. . The objective of this study is to determine the baseflow amount and baseflow index for selected headwaters streams in Taiwan and to derive regression relationships for estimation of baseflow amounts.
For discussion purposes, this study partitions Taiwan into four zones (North,Central,South,and East). Based on 39 streamflow data in Taiwan, the results of analyses show that annual baseflow index and value of a given stream generally have little variation (±10%). The variations between streams may be related factors such as elevation、and precipitation,geology and soil texture,vegetation coverage and human development ,uniform of precipitation and evaporation amount.
This study derives two baseflow estimation relationships respectively for east and west parts of Taiwan.
Eastern Taiwan, Y=0.245*X0(5.076)*X8(1.191)*X9(6.871)*X15(1.687) ,
Western Taiwan,Y=6.353*X05.623*X81.472*X99.1201*X150.470
(Y:annual baseflow; X0:annual streamflow; X8:watershed average slope;X9:the ratio of relief; and X15:the drainge density of river network)
Keywords: base flow, streamflows,baseflow index,multiple regression model,topographic factors.

本研究選用年溪流量(X0)、集水區平均坡度(X8) 、起伏比(X9) 與水系密度(X15)當自變數利用複迴歸來推求河川基流量(Y)之關係式如下:
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