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標題: The Study of Hydraulic Conductivity in The Single- and Double-Layered Soils
作者: 蔡義誌
Tsai, Yi-Zhih
關鍵字: Darcy''s law;達西定律;saturated hydraulic conductivity;single-layered soil;double-layered soil;飽和水力傳導度;單一土層;複合土層
出版社: 水土保持學系
本研究以Darcy定律為理論基礎,搭配Klute et al.(1986)之室內量測方法,量測未擾動單一土層、重填單一土層與複合土層之飽和水力傳導度,並以砂箱模型觀察水分在土壤內的移動情形。結果顯示,未擾動土層的飽和水力傳導度大多較重填土層的飽和水力傳導度為大,再根據土壤孔隙率(f)和幾何平均粒徑與有效粒徑之比值(D),推導出未擾動土層飽和水力傳導度(Ku)和重填土層飽和水力傳導度(Kr)之間的關係式。
Ku = 2.931Kr-0.782f + 2.21D-5.363 (R2=0.956**)
在複合土層的飽和水力傳導度方面,複合土層Keff計算式是可以合理應用於計算雙層複合土層整體的飽和水力傳導度(r2 = 0.842**)。
Keff’ = 10^0.089×Keff^0.947 (r2=0.845**)

Six soil samples collected from slopeland orchard were used as study materials. The saturated hydraulic conductivity of undisturbed and repacked column of these six soils were measured based on the Darcy''s Law. The combination of double layers of these six soils conductivity were also measured and calculated. The results indicated that the saturated hydraulic conductivity of undisturbed soils were much larger than the repacked soils. The relation equation between undisturbed soil saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ku) and repacked soil saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kr) is as following:
Ku = 2.931Kr-0.782f + 2.21D-5.363 (R2=0.956**)
Where f is porosity, D is the ratio of geometric mean diameter and effective particle diameter.
The relationship of measured and calculated double-layered soil saturated hydraulic conductivity for the Da-Keng experimental area is
Keff' = 10^0.089×Keff^0.947 (r2=0.845**)
Where Keff' is measured saturated hydraulic conductivity of double-layered soil, Keff is calculated saturated hydraulic conductivity of double-layered soil.
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