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標題: 無人載具定點拍攝影像校正之應用探討
Application of the Image Rectification Taken from Vertically Uplift UAV
作者: 林佳樞
Shu, Lin Chia
關鍵字: UAV;無人載具;Image Rectification;Remote Sensing;影像校正;遙感探測
出版社: 水土保持學系
Owing to the area of the river investigation and river management is vast and multifarious. It is not only difficult but also time-consuming to investigate from the ground point and the observed angle is limited for us to take the photographs from the ground, and it is hard to finish it completely. Moreover, the land-use along the bank has changed violently and the natural disasters has occurred constantly these years, so that it effected river landscape, river management, riverbank scenery, even to the security. Recently, remote sensing is a consequential tendency to advance the river management for saving time and labor.
The images were taken by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was used to analyze and investigate the Far-Ji Chi of Tai-chung City. The following were the conclusions of this study:
1.The studied images were taken in Nov. 2000. Although the weather were not well and had some drizzle, the spatial resolution were well and even the small features could be interpreted.
2.Because UAV is too light to overcome the effect of air stream and may produce some distortion and yawing, the method that was used in this study (fly up directly from the fix points and take pictures by remote controller) was an available one.
3.Although there were some errors in the mosaics edge by using Photoshop 5.0 to process the photograph images, it was available to surveying, detecting and interpreting in visualization.
4.The processed images those were taken by UAV can be used to detect the situation of river bed and to prevent from overdeveloping, find as earlier as soon the thrown wasted litter and to prevent from polluting, detect the points those man can not arrive and illegal used river bed to save labor, to check the proceeding of engineering work schedule.
5.Because the study area is on the route of airline and in order to preventing event from happening, the photographed dates were four days and those caused the difference of image tone. It would be better to shorten the date period as short as possible when take pictures.
6.The referred photographic basic map presented the key role in this study. We used the map that was printed in 1995 and some new key feature couldn't be found from it. So the newer map will afford more correct feature to check. The newer map the better availability it will afford.

3.本研究以Photoshop 5.0進行無人載具所攝得影像之接合雖在影像邊緣接合處仍有些許誤差,但對判釋影響不大,可進行河川的現況調查、監測及判釋,具有不錯的視覺效果。
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