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標題: 應用幾何校正法輔助無人載具空拍影像從事調查分析之研究
Application of Geometric Correction Method to Assist Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) Airscape Image for Surveying and Analyzing
作者: 吳聲傑
關鍵字: RPV;無人載具;Geometric correction;Rubber Sheeting;Polynomial;幾何校正;橡皮伸張法;多項式法
出版社: 水土保持學系
RPV has been widely used in different missions in recent years. For example, surveying on the development of city infrastructure, researching agriculture, fishery and farming, monitoring on environmental protection, highway driving, forestry management and disaster prevention like floods or mud-rock flows, are the works used by RPV. However, RPV is restricted to congenital conditions and acquiring data is used for differentiation only. In order to increase the accuracy of the images and to concern their function, some corrections are necessary.
This study compares several Geometric correction models of Erdas Imagine8.4 to increase practicability of RPV's photo. The result shows that the Rubber Sheeting Method and the Polynomial Method are the two proper models used in correcting images taken by RPV. It also shows that the Non-linear Rubber Sheeting Model is more perfect, and the accuracy is raised with increasing the number of Ground Control Points.
The images are successfully simulated in 3-D systems to extending the practical application of RPV. We believe that it can be effectively used to survey and analyze disaster area with increasing the quality of image.

為提昇無人載具直昇機航拍影像之實用性,本研究使用Erdas Imagine8.4軟體就其所有多種不同的幾何校正模組中進行比較,結果以橡皮伸張法(Rubber sheeting)及多項式法(Polynomial)兩種較適用於無人載具空拍影像之幾何校正。經研究得知非線性橡皮伸張法較適用於無人飛行載具直昇機空拍影像之校正,此法可隨控制點數的增加而提高精度。
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