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標題: 大甲溪921震災崩塌地植生復育之研究
Vegetative Recovery for the watershed Landslides caused by 921 Earthquake in TA-CHIA Creek
作者: 蔡真珍
Tsai, Chen-Chen
關鍵字: landslide;崩塌地;sediment delivery ratio;SDR;vegetative recovery;泥砂遞移率;植生復育
出版社: 水土保持學系
由集水區出流口泥砂產量所推算之崩塌區位沖蝕深度,可作為集水區崩塌地治理順位之指標。依此指標,集水區崩塌區位復育順序前三者依序為No.0,No.30,No.28,其年平均沖蝕深度分別為30.04 cm,16.59 cm,9.80 cm。崩塌地之植生復育宜根據不同區位配置適當的工法。崩塌地植生復育工程以基礎工最為重要,藉由集水區坡面泥砂遞移率之計算可標定崩塌地基礎工之適當配置區位。

Chi-Chi earthquake caused lots of landslides in Central Taiwan. Fragile debris of the landslides is susceptible to erosion and having the potential disaster during the rainy season. The effectiveness of landslide treatment should be long-term monitored. Under the limitation of manpower and finance, the priority of treatment zone needs to be set and adjusted according to the recovery status of the monitored landslides for avoiding sedimentation in the aquatic ecosystem.
The river segment (Tian-Lun to Der-Ji dam) of Ta-Chia Creek was selected and the watersheds of it's tributaries were delineated in this study. Sediment yield of the landslide, before and after the quake, in the interested watersheds were estimated by using Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) couple with the calculation of sediment delivery ratio (SDR).
Annual erosion depth calculated from the sediment yield of watershed outlet can be as the priority index for landslide treatments. Results show that the top-three watershed need to be treated priority is No.0, No.30, and No.28 in order, and the annual erosion depth of the three watersheds is 30.04 cm, 16.59 cm, and 9.8 cm respectively. Vegetative engineering methods should be placed at the suitable sites for landslide restoration. Toe-protection work is a key to vegetative restoration for a landslide. The placement sites of toe-protection work in the analyzed watershed can be displayed effectively using the calculation of sediment delivery ratio.
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