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標題: 鋼筋混凝土加強砂石造重力式防砂壩排水孔水理現象之研究
The Hydraulic Characteristics of Drainage Holes in the Gravity Check Dam of Reinforced Concrete Frame Filled with Sediment
作者: 方光宇
Fang, Kuang-Yu
關鍵字: 鋼筋混凝土加強砂石造重力式防砂壩;gravity check dam of reinforced concrete frame filled with sediment;排水孔;植生槽;drainage holes;plant flume
出版社: 水土保持學系
In this study, experiments focused on the position of drainage holes at the downstream side of gravity check dam of reinforced concrete frame filled with sediment. This study discussed the Hydraulic Characteristics under the combinations of two types of refilled sediment, four drainage holes with different diameter, and three different water depths.
The experiment result indicated that the drainage hole would be arranged higher than the plant flume to avoid disturbance on the sand and plant inside flume. Experimental findings also discovered that the flow velocity within drainage hole was affected strongly by refilled sediment over than the water depth. Meanwhile, the diameter of drainage hole was the main factor affecting the flow velocity of drainage hole: larger the diameter the faster velocity.

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