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標題: 原住民社區更新之探討—以苗栗縣泰安鄉天狗部落為例
Study of Aboriginal Community Renewal- Take Nintendogs Tribe in Taian TownshipMiaoli County for Example
作者: 楊浦霖
Yang, Pu-Lin
關鍵字: Boriginal Community;原住民聚落;Communities Renewal;社區更;新
出版社: 水土保持學系所
According to the different language and culture, Taiwan''s
indigenous people were divided into 12 independent communities. The majority of aborigines in Miaoli County is Atayal community and most of them distributed in Tai-an Township. Tai-an Township has the abundant natural resources and beautiful landscape. According to Miaoli
County comprehensive development plan, this area is delimited as tourism and agricultural development area. Aboriginal villages located in mountain area, inconvenient transportation, and lack of industries conditions; it needs the government resources to conduct the renewal
plan in order to active the village. In recent years, the relevant governments departments have driven integrate construction plans, and established some operational model. However, the conditions of aboriginal village are different; they need different consideration when planning the renewal plan. Planning should focus on a different level and different mode of thinking.
The results of this study showed that the Government has
implemented to improve the living environment and has the concrete benefits. However, aboriginal communities should base on "set the village-style planning” infrastructure, first through land re-zoned to develop an overall manner, while improving the overall living environment, and create the production environment. Then, according the systematic planning, reduce the impact on the natural environment.
While in pre-operation stage, it should accord "to support disadvantaged groups" concept, giving full grant awards to cultivate community planning personnel and subsidies by the planning team to intervene link,planning the overall development plan to organize community. This plan will help local people create their own community. In the respect of follow-up integrated construction, the community in general to create a follow-up connection, Council of Indigenous Peoples Executive Yuan should integrate aboriginal community-relative limited resources to effectively promote community development project in phases as a whole.

台灣原住民隨不同的語言、文化,目前經正名計有12 族群,而苗栗縣原住民以泰雅族群居多,且多分佈於泰安鄉,境內擁有豐富天然觀光景觀資源,依苗栗縣綜合發展計畫,定位於觀光遊憩農業發展地帶,然由於原住民傳統聚落地處偏遠、社經人文、交通產業等條件性質特異,有賴政府重點式之輔導促動,始為社區活化之契機,近年來政府相關部門陸續推動相關社區更新之總體營造計畫,已建立起相當程度的操作模式,然而原住民聚落異於平地聚落,規劃著重層面應有所不同,更應有不同的思維模式。
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