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標題: 休閒農場全面品質管理指標之研究─國家品質獎評審指標之應用
A Study of Establishing Total Quality Management Index in Evaluating Leisure Farms in Taiwanv
作者: 林勇信
Lin, Yung-Hsin
關鍵字: Leisure Farms;休閒農場;Total Quality Management;National Quality Award Evaluation Index;全面品質管理;國家品質獎評審指標
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
摘 要

To accommodate to the tendency of joining the WTO and of the carrying out of weekend-off project in future,leisure farms have become a primary transformation form in agriculture. It provides general people with diversified leisure activities.
Being one of the lines of leisure services,it is essential for leisure farms to provide satisfactory service quality for the consumers to enhance the competition ability in the market. Meanwhile,to increase the farm runners’ management ability and to establish an effective system to evaluate quality control is critical. Therefore to build up efficient evaluation system and criteria in monitoring quality control is one of the main things the leisure farms have to do.
This study,based on the Nation Quality Award Evaluation Indices,employs the Analysis of Hierarchical Process(AHP)to construct the framework and to calculate the relative weights of each total quality management indices with regard to leisure farms. By pointing out the crucial criteria of quality control in leisure farms,it is expected to supply farm managers with proper methods of self evaluation,and appropriate strategies in management.
The findings reveals that within 36 indices the most weighted items in the hierarchical framework are:management rationales (24.2%)、management strategies and evaluation(11.0%)、management goals(6.72%)、organization functions and duties(4.47%)、information transformation and transfer(3.11%)、organization operation elasticity(3.07%)、encouraging policy(2.86%)、institution and regulations(2.71%)、social education function(2.68%),and training and employment(2.56%). The study indicates that management rationales、goals、strategies and operations all influence the quality control of leisure farms.
The would-be farm managers of the leisure farms can refer to this study to improve their quality control and management ability. However,the indices will vary with time and environment as to deserve further investigation.
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