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標題: 台灣基層農業推組織飲酒文化之研究
A study of Drinking Behavior of Township-level Agricultural Extension Organizations in Taiwan
作者: 陳柏宏
Chen, Bor Horng
關鍵字: agricultural extenison;農業推廣;drinking behavior;飲酒行為
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
如下:1. 經調查結果,在這兩個組織中,並非每個人都喜好喝酒,飲酒
所農業課則以中午用餐時間居多,農會推廣股則以晚餐時間居多。2. 在
促進彼此人際關係。3. 由於不同時代的演進,社會經濟的進步,中興鎮

This study is to know the social drinking behaviors of
extension agents in current township-level agricultural
extension organizations, and to discuss the role drinking plays
within their social networks. The discussion of the changes of
drinking behavior is submitted as well. Qualitative method
is employed, which includes interviewing individuals thoroughly
and observing them practically, accompanied with a rough
quantitative description analysis. The objects selected in the
research were working at a township administration organization
and a farmer association in western Taiwan. According to the
analysis, the results are summarized as follows:1. The data
shows that not everybody in these two organizations likes to
drink. Actually, very few of them are habited to drinking. The
objects of Township Administration Office drink with friends and
colleagues mostly, and those of Farmer Association drink with
friends primarily. With regard to the drinking time, the agents
of the Township Administration Office often drink at lunch time,
and those of the Farmer Association often drink at dinner
time.2. During the investigating period, nobody was found to be
indicted to alcohol. Most of them take positive attitude toward
drinking. In general, they thought moderate drinking is helpful
to develop social relationship.3. As the time is shifting and
the social economics situation is progressing, the drinking
culture in these two organizations is changing as well. A new
drinking culture is forming after all.
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