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標題: 影響農業產銷班實施策略聯盟動機之因素探討--以蔬菜產銷班為例
The Study tie Factors that Influence the Motivation of Agricultural Production and Marketing Groups to Execute Strategic Alliance
作者: 許翠玲
Sheu, Tri-Lin770
關鍵字: strategic alliance;策略聯盟;motivation;動機
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

The result of this study shows that the sample Production
& Marketing Groups has certain relationship with other
Production & Marketing Groups on skill, marketing information
and products sales. Through the multiple regression analysis,
it shows that number of members, sales volume for whole year,
communication and coordination ability of group leaders,
agricultural crisis of group leaders have positive influential
effect on the motivation of Production & Marketing Groups to
execute strategic alliance. Based on the finding we suggest
that agricultural agencies can proceed to help Agricultural
Production & Marketing Groups promote the cooperation of skill,
marketing information and products sales. On the other hand,
for promoting the motivation of Production & Marketing Groups to
execute strategic alliance, we can increase the member of the
group, raise the sales volume of Production & Marketing Groups,
and increasethe communication and coordination ability and
agricultural crisis of the group leaders.
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