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標題: 消費者之環境價值觀與農業環保意識對有機蔬菜與吉園圃安全蔬菜購買行 為之影響研究
Influence of Consumers'' Environmental Values and Protective Consciousness of Agricultural Environment on Organic Vegetables and GAP Tested-and-Certified Vegetables Purchasing Behavior
作者: 林珊如
關鍵字: 環境價值觀;environmental values;農業環保意識;有機蔬菜;吉園圃安全蔬菜;protective consciousness of agricultural environment;organic vegetables;GAP Tested-and-Certified vegetables
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
摘要 本研究目的在探討目前消費
之影響研究. 於民國八十七年二月間,針對抽出的各鄉鎮市區進行調
題是嚴重的,且認為最嚴重的農業環境問題是水污 染問題.3.受訪者之
有顯 著影響;性別,教育程度與職業則對農業環保意識有顯著影響.4.
農業環保意識 愈強烈.5.受訪者環境價值觀愈正向與農業環保意識愈強
烈,則對有機蔬菜與安全蔬菜態度愈正面 ;受訪者對有機蔬菜與安全蔬

Abstract The objectives of
this research to investigate the environmental values andthe
protective consciousness of consumers on agricultural
environment,the effects of these two factors on the purchasing
behavior of consumers on organic vegetables and the Good
Agricultural Products(GAP) Tested-and-Certified vegetables.The
survey was conducted during February,1998,and 1032 persons
from10 townships were sampled for the survey.The collected data
was analyzed using one-way ANOVA analysis of variances,Pearson''s
correlation analysis,regression analysis and logistic regression
analysis.The results were summarized as following:(1)The sampled
consumers'' environmental values tended to favor environment
conservation and maintain the ecological balance.(2)The sampled
consumers believed that the agricultural environment were
heavily contaminated,and water pollution was the the major
concern.(3)The environmental values of consumers were affected
by gender,age,education level,occupation and family income.In
addition,the protective consciousness of agricultural
environment was affected by gender,education level and
occupation.(4)Significant positive correlation was obtained
between environmental values and the protective consciousness of
agricultural environment.(5)The sampled consumers with more
positive environmental values and stronger protective
consciousness of agricultural environment tended to have more
positive attitude toward organicvegetables and GAP Tested-and-
Certified vegetables,and thus more favorable forpurchasing these
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