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標題: Intercalation of Poly(oxyalkylene)amine Containing Amide Group and Hydrogen Bonding Mechanism
作者: 余明宏
Yu, Ming-Hong
關鍵字: Poly(oxyalkylene)amine;聚醚胺;Intercalation;Hydrogen Bonding;插層;氫鍵
出版社: 化學工程學系
In this thesis, intercalation of layered silicates was investigated by using Amine-terminating Amide Oligomers (AAOs) as ionic exchanging agents. An expression with contrast to the poly(oxyalkylene)-amine/clay hybrid was made. Furthermore, try to identify the role of amide group in organic incorporation and proof the intercalation mechanism of AAO/clay hybrid.
(1)Condensation of POP-D400 and di-acid containing amide backbone, try to compare with POP-D2000 and intercalate synthetic mica. From the result of TGA and XRD, finding a further loading of AAO(SA) into the silicate gallery and the d-spacing of mica was expanded from 1.2 to 9.0 nm.
(2)Layered aluminosilicates, including synthetic mica and natural montmorillonite (MMT), were distinguished with platelet size, cation exchange capacity (CEC) and specific surface area. The mica hybrid having lower organic embedding and higher basal spacing than MMT was attributed to bigger charge density, which making the change of enlarged spacing obviously.
(3)The arrangement mode of AAO(SA) was derived from one-step and step-wise intercalation. Furthermore, the interaction between AAO molecules and dispersion configuration can be characterized by viscosity measurement, FT-IR and UV-Vis analyses respectively. For the modification with AAOs containing different backbone will result the influence on intercalation behavior and morphology relatively.

本論文探討Amine-terminating Amide Oligomers (AAOs)對層狀黏土的改質結果,並討論AAO分子的插層機制;與實驗室早期利用聚醚胺插層的結果作比較,嘗試區分Amide官能基在改質過程中所扮演的角色。
(1)利用POP-D400與Di-acid合成含有Amide官能基的AAO,並控制分子量與POP-D2000插層合成雲母作比較;由TGA與XRD的結果發現,AAO(SA)插層劑有過量插層的特性,其改質後層間距最高可達9.0 nm。
(2)蒙脫土與雲母屬同一種類的黏土,其片徑大小、陽離子交換當量(CEC)與比表面積各有差異;以此為依據,討論AAO(SA)的插層結果,發現過量插層雲母的層間距大於蒙脫土,但有機含量卻比蒙脫土低,影響此二種不同結果的主因來自於黏土層間的電荷密度(synthetic mica > MMT)。
(4)採用不同主鏈的AAO (AAO(SA)、AAO(AA)與AABO)改質雲母,探討因插層劑結構差異對溶解度與插層結果的影響;AAO分子在水中受熱的聚集行為,會造成AAO/mica混成材料不同的表面型態。
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