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標題: 二維淹水模式應用於宜蘭縣嚴重感潮低地三個排水系統排洪最佳抽水量擇定之研究
Study of Applying 2-D Inundation Model for 3 Serious Tide Sensible areas Draining of Yi-Lan County as to Decide the Best Pumping Discharge
作者: 謝建宏
Hung, Hsieh Chien
關鍵字: stratum subside;地層下陷;tide level;2-D SOBEK;pumping capacity;潮位;SOBEK二維淹水模式;抽水規模
出版社: 水土保持學系
Owing to the development of freshwater cultivation aquatic farm around the coastal area of Taiwan in the past several decades, it has caused serious regional stratum subside and occurred all kinds of disasters because flooding. When typhoon attack Taiwan the disaster situation of the drown lower coastal area will depend on the tide level and the height of the tide level will depend on the location between the sun and the moon. When the sun is on the top side of the ground the tide level will be the highest and the drown disaster will be the most serious, in the opposite side the height of tide level will be the lowest and the disaster will be the lightest, in the flank side the situation will be between the both situation. In case of the worst situation, it will be with one misfortune coming after another. Owing to the past commonly used 1-D inundation model has not satisfied necessary, also because the drown area and each drainageway is mutually to connect, it is necessary to make an drown analysis in view of integrative watershed.
This research aimed at the problem which the past used 1-D inundation model couldn't solve. The 2-D inundation model (SOBEK) with real topographic condition and real rainfall condition and considering the tide influence was used to simulate the present situation and inundation. From the simulated inundation results, it found several improvement plans including the drainage and the capacities of the pumping stations. We can optimize the pumping capacity from the different ameliorative effects by judging economics and analysis.
In this research after I analyzed the most serious situation, I used the most conservative condition to analyze the possible maximum drown area of the test area. According the real topographical condition to simulate by 2-D SOBEK model, it can obtain more valuable information Compare to 1-D model.

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