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標題: 不同頻率年洪流影響河川流況之實際淹水範圍之模擬-以敏督利颱風前後於清水溪下游段為例
Simulation of Various Frequency-Year Peak Flow Affect on the River Condition and Flood Drown Range - the Downstream of Chin - Shue - Chi Stream Before and After Typhoon Mindulle Attact as an Example
作者: 王俊哲
Wang, Chiun-Cheh
關鍵字: HEC-RAS;敏督利颱風;ArcGIS;Mindulle Typhoon;Chin-Shin-Chi;Peak Flow;River Hydraulic;before;taiwan;after;清水溪;南雲大橋;鯉魚大橋;HEC-RAS;七二水災;ArcGIS;不同頻率年;淹水範圍;洪水演算;地文因子;最大二日暴雨量;無因次單位歷線;計劃洪水量;空中三角平差;正射影像;地形圖立測;洪峰流量
出版社: 水土保持學系
有鑑於此,本研究將HEC-RAS模式結合GIS對清水溪下游段,利用敏督利颱風的降雨資料,進行地區性淹水水位流量模式分析,推估暴雨發生時集水區下游地區水位與流量變化並與原先清水溪的河川規劃設計資料做比較;此外,由於近年來地理資訊系統(Geographic Information System,GIS)發展迅速,能讓使用者以數位化型式搜集空間資料,經由電腦處理後能讓使用者以更有效率方式來展示這些資料。GIS係將各類地理資料儲存於電腦中,利用電腦來管理及套疊分析各種圖層,大大提昇地理資訊判釋的準確度與方便性。因此若淹水模式能與GIS結合,利用GIS強大之資料處理及運算能力,將模式運算後得到之結果與現地之地形資料結合,可使相關人員能判斷出堤防高度是否足夠、防護措施是否周全。

While it is in typhoon and plum rainy season, it always happen to flooding disaster because of torrential rain ?! So, how to prevent from flooding and to reduce the calamity is our government's task of top priority . Typhoon Mindulle even caused serious 72 flood of midland region of Taiwan in June, 2004, it caused Chu-Lin Lake alluvial which was caused by 921 earthquake. If the Water-Level of discharge is caused by downstream inundation of Chin-Sue-Chi Stream by Typhoon Mindulle flood with HEC-RAS hydrologic model, the results should be feasibile.
Finally, by the enginer of check dam, spillway, protecting embankment and stream bed control engineering, seting up on the downstream for being worrying about the crisis of the inrush to make decision on disaster preventing, we can check the proper position disposition in view of self-criticism and flood preventing.
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