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標題: 嘉義地區農漁民農業氣象災害預防態度之探討
An Investigation on the Agrometeorological Disasters Prevention Attitudes of the Farmers/Fishermen in Chiayi Area
作者: 李炳和
關鍵字: agrometeorological disasters;農業氣象災害;prevention attitudes;climate information;預防態度;氣象訊息
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所
漁民的預防態度,略獲如下結果: 一﹑在四種主要農業氣象災害中
,農漁民認為颱風害之受災經 驗最嚴重,其次是雨害,寒害及旱害最
輕。 二、農漁民接觸氣象傳播媒介中,以大眾傳播媒介為主
,人際 傳播媒介次之,通信電子媒介接觸最少。 三、
氣象訊息使用程度最高者為降雨及氣溫,有60.8、50.4% 的農漁民達
「經常」使用。 四、影響氣象傳播媒介接觸
與訊息使用的主要因素為農業經營 種類及都市化程度;次要因素為受
災經驗及地理區位;年 齡與教育程度無影響。
五、影響氣象災害預防態度之因素,以農業經營種類、地理區 位、訊
息使用程度為主;都市化程度及媒介接觸頻度則完 全無影響。
六、農漁民對各種災害的預防態度中,以情感成份差異最大, 其次是

By aiming at the agrometeorological disasters caused by
typhoons,torrential rainfalls,cold waves,heavy
droughts,this study proceeds in analyzing the prevention
attitudes of the farmers/fishmen.The results can,broadly, be
summarized as follows:
1.Among four agrometeorological disasters,the farmers/
fishmen consider that the experience brought by typhoons
rates the highest mark,the rain disasters the second,the
severe-coldness and draught disasters the slightest. 2.Of
all the communication media,the mass media is the
commonest contact for the farmers/fishmen to reach the
agrometeorological information or materials;inter person
communications the second,the contacts from electrical
devices to retrieve the agrometeorological information the
minor one. 3.In
terms of exploitation of agrometeorological data,the
frequecy lies most in terms of rainfall and temperature
with 60.8% of farmer/fishmen, and with 50.4% of them
"frequently" exploiting these data. 4.The
main factors in affecting the communication media and the
information exploitation of the agrometeorological
materials reside in the patterns of the agriculture
managements and the degree of urbanization. The second
ones are the disaster experiences of the agrometerology and
the geographical locations. And no relevance occurs with
regard to ages and educations of the farmers/fishmen. 5.Among
the causes influencing the meteorological disaster
preventions, the types of agriculture managements, the
geographical locations and the frequency of the information
exploitation are the chief ones;and the degree of
urbanization,the contact frequency of the mass media
present no effect. 6.Of
the attitude rooted in farmers/fishmen in preventions
against varied kinds of meteorological disasters,the
differences in emotion dimension rate the most;the
behavior tendency dimension the second,and the recognition
component differences the minor one.
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