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標題: 中部地區基層農會農業推廣人員電腦態度之探討
A Study of Computer Attitudes of Agricultural Extension Agents in Middle Taiwan's Township-level Farmers' Associations
作者: 張靜惠
關鍵字: Computer Attitudes;電腦態度;Agricultural Extension Agents;Township-level Farmers' Associations;農業推廣人員;基層農會
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

This study is to explore the computer attitudes of agricultural extension agents in township farmers' associations, and to examine the factors that associated with attitudes towards computer . Scale of the computer attitudes was divided into four subscales, which included computer anxiety, computer confidence, computer liking and computer usefulness. Several factors were found to affect the computer attitudes of the extension agents. They were gender, age, educational level, job scope, computer knowledge, computer learning experience, media contact, working impact and other environment factors. By formal interview, there were two hundred and thirteen (213) applicable questionnaires collected.
Conclusions as following:
1. The average scores of attitudes towards computer among the extension agents in the township farmers' with respect to computer anxiety, computer liking, computer confidence, computer usefulness and the overall attitude toward computer were higher than the middle scores of each subscale. It means the attitude towards computer among the extension agents in the township farmers' association is relatively positive. Meanwhile, it shows the extension agents relatively like using computer, felt confident with computer, have less anxiety with computer and realize that computer will be a very powerful equipment for work and the future life.
2. Pertaining to the personal varied background, this study found significant computer attitudes difference among varieties of gender, age, educational level and computer knowledge.
3. It is study founbetter attitude towards computer. Compared with those who seldom used computer, the extension agents who used computer frequently also had better performance on computer anxiety, computer confidence, computer liking and computer usefulness scales. The more training lessons they took, the better computer attitudes they possess.
4. The study showed there were 87.8% of respondents having more experiences on using computers. The major reasons of using computers were for Word processing, using Internet and playing computer games. Making use of presentation by PowerPoint, data management by Dbase, Excel, Tele-fax, E-mail, and making Homepages by Front-page and Photo-image were also mentioned.
5. It is found that 82.6% of extension agents attended various computer training courses voluntarily. It come to the conclusion that agricultural extension agents have realized the importance of computerization and professional needs, and started to participate the computer training courses. The significant others who seem to influence extension agents' using computer were farmers, members of production and marketing group, chiefs, family and colleagues.
6. There was significant association between work impact and the attitude towards computer. The extension agents had positive attitudes to encounter the occupational stress and professional needs in general.
d extension agents who used computer every week or spent longer time on the computer had
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