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標題: 以覆蓋指標探討重劃農地生態功能之研究-以雲林縣四湖南重劃區為例
Application of Cover Indices on the Effectiveness of Ecological Function at the Farmland Readjustment Area-A Case Study of the Si-Hu-Nan Readjustment Area
作者: 施傳旺
出版社: 水土保持學系
Farmland readjustment work has been initiated in Taiwan since 1958, and is a measure for reorganizing the mosaic farmlands to create more convenient tillage facility. In early periods, large numbers of concrete materials were applied at the sites of farmland due to the safety consideration. Nowadays, a trend to treasure our environment and to have the concepts of emphasis on the use of ecological engineering materials is roaring. There is an urgent need to establish high quality environment of farmland for the habitat rehabilitation of wild animals.
Two essential elements of farmland environment are plant and water. Those also establish the landscape ecology structure of farmland and provide an effective function in biodiversity for the system.
This study is to analyze the process of farmland readjustment and to evaluate the effects of the coverage rate change for green and/or water after the farmland readjustment. Besides, the feasibility and controversy of applied the ecological engineering methods in the sites of farmland readjustment are also discussed in this study. The results show non-concrete drainage with flat slope revetment having higher green and/or water coverage rate can improve the ecological function of farmland readjustment.

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