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標題: 不同粒徑組成土石流流動特性之研究
作者: 賴建信
關鍵字: debris flow;土石流;free pore ratio;自由孔隙比
出版社: 水土保持研究所
特性也有所差異,當細粒土砂含量達40% 時,即不易形成土石流。而土石
流理論之Von Karman常數,以修正土石流平均流速之推估。

This experiment which was simulated with flume experiment in
laboratory, was trying to understand the flowing mechanism of
debris flow with different grain size composition. And the
characteristic of shear stress was theoritically divided into
intergranular collision stress and resistance stress in order
to state the behavior of debris flow. The experiment results
displayed that the flowing character- istics of debris flow
varied with its grain size composition, meanwhile the
intergranular collision effect mainly determined the formation
of surges. And the fluid with more than 40% of fine particles
was difficult to form debris flow due to less resist- ance in
flowing. On the contrary, the debris flow with less fine
particles content would induce more intergranular collision to
form higher surge, and because of higher resistance with the
intergranular collision debris flow would temporarly stop and
than flow down again. By introducing the parameter of free pore
ratio,it could be used to distinguish the flow type which was
debris flow or not, and the flowing velocity of debris flow
could be modified by using this parameter.
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