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標題: 南投縣蔬菜農民採用有機資材與技術之探討
study on the adoption of organic materials and technology by vegetable farmer in Nan-Tou country
作者: 莊伯能
Chuang, Pai -Neng
關鍵字: 慣行農法;conventional farming system;有機資材與技術;多元迴歸;環保意識;市場供需前景;肥培管理;病蟲害防治;微生物資材;organic materials and technologies;multiple-regression;environmental protection consciousness;preview of market;fertilizer management;pest and weed control;microbial materials
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

The problem of long time using conventional farming system needed to be solved by the adoption the organic materials and technologies. It’s worth to discuss the situation of adopting organic materials and technology as well as the factors affecting it. The study used frequency、percentage、mean、multiple-regression to analyze situations of the age、education level、the farming scale、the source of message、the view of cost、self-protection、the preview of market、the consciousness of environmental protection, and the causal relationship of 140 farmers of vegetable production and marketing groups in “Nan-Tou” county.
The results showed that fewer farmer adopted organic materials and technologies in fertilizer management、pest and weed control、and using microbial materials. Eleven out of 21 pure-organic materials and technologies, and 7out of 9 under organic materials and technologies are less than 50﹪adoption.
The results from multiple-regression showed that the farming scale has positive effect on the consciousness of environmental protection. The farming scale, the preview of market and consciousness of environmental protection in order had significant positive, while the age and education level had negative effect on adopting organic materials and technologies. Therefore, It is suggest that extension agencies should aim at the above too lower used items to extend. And the farmers who are younger, with larger farming scale, higher environmental protection consciousness and good preview of market should be chosen for organic cultivation training.
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