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標題: 人力精簡、員工滿意度與組織承諾關係之研究-以基層農會推廣人員為例
The Relationship among Downsizing , Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment-An Illustration of Extension Agents in Township Farmers' Association
作者: 李昌鴻 論文開放日期:20110101
Lee, Chang-Hung
關鍵字: 人力精簡衝擊;Ship Among Downsizing;員工滿意度;組織承諾;基層農會推廣人員;Job Satisfaction;Organizational Commitment;The Extension Agents in Township Farmers' Association
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

Taiwan is currently one of the WTO members, and diversified competitions follow at its heel. Under this trend, the problems the Farmers' Association has to face are the changes and rearrangements of its managements. Besides, it will be very important to make effectively use of the employee. Therefore, the major purpose of this study is to understand the impacts of the downsizing, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment on the extension agents in township Farmers' Association, and to discuss the factors presenting effects on the organizational commitment. Hence, the extension agents are selected as the analytic subject in this research. The data are systematically analyzed by the statistics methods, including the item analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis, correlation analysis, and regression analysis. The investigated samples are composed of 145 valid questionnaires. The findings are presented as followed:
1. As the whole, after controlling the influences of attributes of the extension agents in township Farmers' Association and person, the impacts of the downsizing and job satisfaction have remarkable effects on organizational commitment on the extension agents in township Farmers' Association .
2. Considering the factors that effect on the organizational commitment of the extension agents in township Farmers' Association, the intrinsic satisfaction and the director satisfaction within the job satisfaction have significantly influence on the effort commitment. In addition, the satisfaction to the directors has a critical effect on the value commitment. Furthermore, the results indicate that the impacts of environmental benefits on the relationship among downsizing, the extrinsic satisfaction within the job satisfaction, and the satisfaction to the directors, are the important elements about the retention commitment.
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