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標題: Green Catalysts Derived from Agricultural and Industrial Waste Products: The Preparation of Phenols from CsOH and Aryl Iodides using CuO on Mesoporous Silica
作者: Chan, Chien-Ching
Chen, Yan-Wun
Su, Chi-Shen
Lin, Hong-Ping
Lee, Chin-Fa
關鍵字: Supported catalysis;Meso-porous materials;Waste prevention;Sustainable chemistry;Copper;Cross-coupling;rice husk ash;incipient wetness impregnation;copper-catalysts;halides;hydroxylation;water;dehydrogenation;ethanol;metals;ethers
Project: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Volume 36, Page(s) 7288-7293.
The synthesis of CuO catalysts supported on mesoporous silica derived from rice husks and semiconductor copper from chemical mechanical planarization (Cu-CMP) wastewater is described. These catalysts are active for the coupling reaction of CsOH with aryl iodides. Low catalyst loading (1 mol-%) without the need for ancillary ligands make these very attractive green catalysts.
ISSN: 1434-193X
DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201101206
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