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標題: 生態安全護岸栽植孔之水理現象研究
The Hydraulic Characteristics of the Revegetation Holes of the Safety Ecological Revetment
作者: 林明威
Lin, Mine-Wei
關鍵字: safety;安全;ecological engineering;revetment;revegetation hole;生態工法;護岸;栽植孔
出版社: 水土保持學系
In order to apply the vegetation bags and make green on the reinforced concrete revetment, the diameter of the drainage holes is enlarged to thirty centimeters. The modified reinforced concrete revetment not only maintain safety but also beautify the appearance. For the sake of effectuation in worksite, this research chooses experimental revetment model to discuss, the characteristics of flow velocity and discharge within revegetation holes.
In addition, this study discussed the hydraulic characteristics under the combinations of two types of refilled sediment, four revegetation holes with different slopes, and the relationship of drawdown with time series.
In summary, there are some results concerning this study. They are presented as follows:
1. The refilled sediment was the main factor. In similar slope, both the velocity and the discharge of the refilled with the uniformity coefficient 10.45 sediment are bigger than the uniformity coefficient 19.92 sediment.
2. In the same refilled sediment, when the slope of revegetation hole is increased, both the velocity and the discharge are lesser.
3. In similar slope, the drawdown with time series of the filled with the uniformity coefficient 19.92 sediment is longer than the uniformity coefficient 10.45 sediment.
4. In the same refilled sediment, when the slope of revegetation hole is increased, the drawdown with time series is longer.

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