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標題: 產地農民生產高品質巨峰葡萄技術差異之研究-以卓蘭、新社地區為例
Study on the Difference of Farmer's Technique for Growing High-Quality 'Kyoho' Grapes - Case of Tzuo-lang and Shin-shieh Areas
作者: 王秋景
關鍵字: 巨峰葡萄;卓蘭
出版社: 農業推廣教育研究所

With the growing consumers' taste requirement and the increased competition after joining GATT, there is an urgent need for grape farmers to produce high-quality fruits. Searching for the most suitable and profitable cultivation system for grape farmers has become very important.
The purpose of this study is to understand 'Kyoh' grape farmer's perception and adoption of cultivation techniques and to investigate factors which cause differences in their perception and adoption. 100 'Kyoho' grape farmers in Tuaolang and Shin-shieh areas are surveyed and date are analysed by stepwise regression. The results are
1.There is no significant differences in knowledge of cultivating techniques between farmers in Tzuo-lang and Shin-shieh areas. However, farmers in Shin-shieh area demons-trate much grater disparity in their perception and the degree of adoption of the cultivation techniques.
2.Farmers have discrepancy on perception and adoption of cultivating technology, especially on soil management and pest prevention. Many still believe "more is better". Also, there is a considerable distance between " Knowing" and 'acting"
3.Major contributing factors of grape farmers' technical perception are understanding degree about market, age, interpersonal communication and organizational particiption. And those of technology adoption are understanding degree about market, knowledge of the technology, age, interpersonal communication and labor force.
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